Thursday, February 5, 2009

Catching up with the Joneses

A few weekends ago we packed up and headed to San Antonio to see Greg, Sarah and their precious boys. It was such a fun weekend and our kids had an absolute blast. Collin is still asking when we can go back!
We went to the lake and stayed at Greg's parents' house which is beautiful. Not so beautiful after we left, though. We broke a dining chair, the wall (yes, we broke the wall) and a decorative plate. Banner weekend for us in the accident department. It reminded me that we just need to wait a couple of years to buy good furniture.
Highlights from the weekend:
1) Taking the boys (and the dads) to a really neat bounce house/play area thing. It was so much fun! I really think that David and Greg enjoyed just as much as all of the kids.
2) Vanilla yogurt with fresh blueberries. Thanks for this Sarah! Sarah Kate and I eat this all the time now!
3) Discovering my allergy to mountain cedar. Yes, I looked like a beating victim all weekend because my eyes were red and swollen- but everyone loved me just the same!
4) Benadryl.
5) Hanging out with Sarah! I love this girl! We don't get to see each other enough, but I love it when we do...just one of those friends that you always pick right back up with.
6) Learning how much I have to learn about my new camera, and being reminded that I do in fact have a creative crush on Sarah. She showed me some of the basics about my new camera, which was awesome. I'm just not as cool as she is when it comes to being artistic, though. My camera sits on auto most of the time.
7) Collin's "are we there yet" phase beginning! We tried to remind ourselves that it was cute, not frustrating. After 5 1/2 hours, this got a little bit harder.
8) Seeing our famlies together. It still amazes me that I'm a parent and I am with my kids every day. So it's even more strange to see my friends with their kids, being moms and dads. Sarah and Greg are great parents and their boys are adorable! Our boys got along really, really well and had such a good time. And David and Greg had a lot of fun too (minus the time that David almost died mountain biking.)
9) Meeting precious Holden. He is such a sweet boy! He seriously doesn't cry or fuss...what a blessing!
10) Meeting baby Gracyn! Heather and Drew brought their sweet baby by on Saturday and we were able to meet her! She is a doll- she came complete with her prissy bow and all the accessories as you might imagine! :)
Enjoy the pics!
Sarah Kate thought we were crazy for making her play in such cold weather.


We initially thought this would be fun for the kids...Greg and David liked it even better.

This was right before we left to head home. Pretty sure we wore him out.