Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm It!

Meredith tagged me and it's taken me a long time to get to it...but here are my eight random facts about myself:

1. If you think counting your steps is weird, Meredith, here's a GREAT one for you: I type EVERYTHING as it passes through my head. Sometimes, when David and I are holding hands, he feels me typing as someone is talking...freakish, I know. I think it's a habit I developed in law school. I typed all of my notes, and just got used to basically transcribing everything I heard. I noticed on my commute, that I would "air type" on my steering wheel as I listened to the radio. I'd love to know what this type of compulsiveness says about me.

2. On that note, I'm an attorney...That's funny.

3. I have absolutely, positively, NO sense of direction...none WHATSOEVER. This is, unfortunately, not at all limited to trouble finding my way from point A to point B. I get turned around coming out of a bathroom at a movie theater or mall. I get totally confused coming out of a carwash. AND, I have absolutely no sense of where north is...ever. Those who do amaze me, and frankly, I sometimes think that they're making it up because they know I wouldn't know the difference.

4. Oddly, pregnancy has caused my hair to go straight. I think that the 4 people who read this blog all knew me when I used to wear my hair curly all the time. Even though I don't do that anymore, it wouldn't even be an option if I wanted it to. Now I have a wavy, partially curly, funky, stringy, natural mess. (And we wonder where Collin gets it?)

5. I am addicted to editing. Another habit from law school. This is not to say that my posts will ever be error free, but I enjoy proofing anything published including Christmas cards, church bulletins, and yes, blogs. Here are a few of the titles to articles that I will never write because I don't have the time...

- "Quotation Marks: How Ross and Chandler Have Distorted Our Understanding"

- "A Whole Nuther Problem Altogether"

- "The Difference Between PLURAL and POSSESSIVE...Again: What to do with those darn apostrophes"

6. I can't stand repetitive noises...just ask David. This is also ironic because my ears have been ringing since December of 2004.

7. My ears have been ringing since December of 2004...that one is too good to waste on a sidenote.

8. I was nominated for Miss Personality in high school. I didn't get it. So I burned the place down. That'll show 'em. (I was obviously struggling for #8)

Okay, here are the people that I am tagging: Shanta, Sarah, Alyssa, Sam, and Sherry (Email yours to me Sherry, so that I can share YOU with the blogging world!)

Family Update: Everyone is doing great! Collin is a great big brother, and SK is finally settling down after getting her on some reflux medication. All is well!