Thursday, December 20, 2007

Our Little Prayer Warrior and Sarah Kate's Smiles :)

David and I have been so entertained by Collin and Sarah Kate lately. And although we enjoy talking with one another about the funny things they do, I'm not convinced that our conversations will be enough to make me remember everything. Here's Collin's latest prayer:

(to set the stage, we're all at dinner, with hands folded in the manner most pleasing to Collin on this particular day, and David has started to pray- when Collin interrupts with eyes closed tightly)

"Dear God, thank you for all the bessings that you give to me...and God (pleading) I just really want a helmet. And maybe a firetruck (that's a new one...oh no!), but I REALLY want a helmet."

Then, turning and looking across the table, whispering,

"Dad, what do you want?"

Apparently, sitting on Santa's lap and telling him what you would like to get for Christmas is okay, but for those of us with divine access it doesn't hurt to place your list at the feet of the Father, either. Great faith...the theology will be hammered out later I guess.

And our precious Sarah Kate is changing by the day. She has started to roll over, babble, and respond (good and bad) to those around her. She loves her brother, and gets so excited to see her Daddy come home. But my favorite, VERY FAVORITE, thing about her right now is her smile. It is one of those smiles that completely takes over her entire face and it comes at the most unexpected times. It never fails that when she's crying in the morning for me to come and get her out of bed that when I peek over the crib to say hello, she busts into her sweet little smile, and immediately stops crying. It absolutely melts me. She is so easy-going and patient with us! What a blessing!

And on a brief parental side-note: here are seven words that you NEVER want to hear your two-year-old say: "I want to watch Yo Gabba Gabba." AGHHHHHHH! I don't know if that made me more afraid for Collin, or myself.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

RSV, RX, NFL, and R&R

Those four acronyms pretty much sum up the last few days at the Blackstock house. Collin has been under the weather since last weekend, and because he is such a loving brother, he shared his little cold with his sister. Come to find out, his 'cold' is RSV for her. Still, we're keeping things in perspective- she's able to rest and recuperate at home which is a huge blessing! And typical of our sweet Sarah Kate, she's still laughing and smiling between coughing spells! She also decided to cut her first tooth. Wish I could post a picture, but I can't...BECAUSE IT'S IN THE SIDE OF HER MOUTH:

Yes...I actually had to LOOK UP which tooth just came in- the canine, I believe (M on the diagram). I guess I won't know for sure until I see where all the other ones come in. Is that freakish? Anyway, when I found the thing she got so excited. She looked at me as if to say, "Now you know where to put the Orajel!" Ooops. I guess I just figured the front two would be the first- then again, she has been full of surprises ever since she's been here!

So we add Orajel to the long list of medications that are being dosed out at our house between the two kids. SK has her list of daily meds for both of her refluxes, milk allergies, etc. and toss in some nebulizer treatments, and Collin's laundry list of "candy medicines" and we're a regular pharmacy- a feeling so many of you can sympathize with, I'm sure.

The odd thing about all the illness is that it has given David and me the time and the opportunity to be in the house, just hanging out with one another all weekend. It has been so nice. Friday night we made Collin his first cup of hot chocolate and watch a Christmas movie with him. It was so much fun! We've gotten more sleep than usual, had all of our meals as a family, watched a lot of football, and played more with Collin than we've been able to in a long time. And Sarah Kate has gotten her fair share of TLC as well! It has actually been "just what the doctor ordered." (that's almost too cheesy to even put in there- but oh well)

So, don't remind me that Christmas is only a little more than two weeks away. Right now, we're enjoying house arrest and remaining blissfully unaware of how much there is to be done!

Also, I'm really playing catch-up with pictures here. Yes, there is one of SK in her Halloween costume (how sad!)...the others are more recent. If you want the best though, go see my friend Sarah's photography blog. There's a link from her website at She took some pictures of them recently and I was so thrilled with them! She is truly amazing at what she does. I've always known she was talented and creative, and then she started photography and has taken her talents to the next level!

Here are the pics as promised...

Our sweet little butterfly!

Pictures from our trip to the American Girl store by the Galleria...these girls were SO geared up!

Taylor showing Sarah Kate the ropes!

And little Lexi with her favorite doll...
Pictures of Collin just being Collin

And the kids in some Christmas pjs that their aunt Angie gave them! Merry Christmas!

Monday, October 29, 2007


Okay, I might be stealing some of my mom's christmas card thunder here, but I had to post these pictures of all of her grandkids. I love them- both the pictures and the kids! I love having pics of all of them together because it reminds me of how truly blessed Collin and Sarah Kate are to having such loving families to support them. And all of these kids are so precious to me personally. I remember each of their births, and love all of the little oddities that make each one special.

Haleigh and Bret were born when I was still in high school, so they have always been so special and so spoiled by all of us. Haleigh is driving now, and Bret is getting so big that I don't even recognize his voice anymore. They are also two of the most polite, loving teenagers I have ever been around. Hats off to my brother and his wife on raising respectful kids!

And Taylor and Chandler were the first "pair" of the family. These two have been so fun to watch grow up together. Chandler with her boundless enthusiasm, and Taylor with her genuine sweetness. I love them both so much, and appreciate their willingness to let their dorky aunt sit in on their High School Musical parties and go to the American Girl store with them. (Love HSM by the way- and have a t-shirt to prove it!)

Colton and Patton were the next pair and what I love so much about these two right now is how great they are with Collin. They make him feel like he's a real "big kid" and always let him tag along. Colton is constantly giving Collin his toys!

Lexi, as she says, doesn't have a partner like most of her other cousins, which suits her perfectly. She definitely makes a statement on her own! She is the funniest little girl EVER, and keeps us on our toes all the time!

Parker, sweet Parker! He was a royal pain while Brittany was pregnant, but has been proving everyone wrong since. He's another geuninely sweet little boy- he's one of the only three-year-olds I know that will give hugs and kisses on demand.

Then there's Hank- whata sweet boy he is too! He and Collin are going to have so much fun growing up together, and from what I can tell so far, they may get into some trouble along the way too.

Just wanted to jot down a couple of things about these kids- they are such a huge blessing to our family, especially Collin and Sarah Kate. They have brought so much joy to my life, and gave me the opportunity to test out some of my parenting theories before I actually had kids of my own! I love you all SO very much!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Why I'm not a doctor, and Collin's prayers

After you have your first child, you kind of begin to think that you're getting things figured out- or at least I did. Sarah Kate had what I thought was a stomach bug last week- no big deal, right? Then, the fever lingered over the weekend, so we ended up taking her in on Saturday to an urgent care place by our house. I was sure she had an ear infection or something else like that, and that the stomach bug was pretty much gone. This is the first point at which I should have reminded myself that I'm not a doctor. The doctor we saw declared that her ears were clear, I began to pack up the diaper bag, and then he announced (after several minutes of taking her pulse and playing with her skin) that he was sending us to the ER because she was dehydrated. Proof: I am NOT a doctor. More than that, I felt like an awful parent! She didn't cry a single tear the entire time we were at the ER. Very, very sad. So they fixed her up, sent us home, and we thought all was well. Some of the tests later showed that she had an infection. Again, no big deal. Proof again: I am NOT a doctor. We went in to our pediatrician's office the next day for what I thought was a simple you-were-in-the-ER-so-I-have-to-see-you visit, but as it turns out, little SK needs some more tests run next week. I really think everything will be fine, but it has been an interesting ride. I usually think that I run to the doctor too quickly for little things, so this has been completely out of character. Anyway, we'll know more next week. Keep us in your prayers.

As for Collin, he has really been enjoying bedtime prayers and songs. Lately, his prayers are absolutely adorable. I promised myself I would start writing some of them down so that I could remember them.

- "thank you for Mommy taking me to class" (the gym)
- "thank you for that guy, and that guy, and that guy" (the sports figures in the pictures on his wall)
- "help me to stop hitting" (admirable, and also a prayer of mine)
- "my tricycle"
- "thank you for Santa bringing me a saw" (counting his chickens before they hatch I suppose)
Here are some recent pictures...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

First Game!

Here are a few belated pictures of Collin and Sarah Kate's first baseball game! We went to Houston to see David's parents for the weekend and had an awesome time. The game was great! Lots of hitting, 2 homers, and a farewell salute to Craig Biggio. I also thoroughly enjoyed the air conditioned stadium! Check out our little fans...
And another picture from the weekend of little Sarah Kate. She is so precious!

Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm It!

Meredith tagged me and it's taken me a long time to get to it...but here are my eight random facts about myself:

1. If you think counting your steps is weird, Meredith, here's a GREAT one for you: I type EVERYTHING as it passes through my head. Sometimes, when David and I are holding hands, he feels me typing as someone is talking...freakish, I know. I think it's a habit I developed in law school. I typed all of my notes, and just got used to basically transcribing everything I heard. I noticed on my commute, that I would "air type" on my steering wheel as I listened to the radio. I'd love to know what this type of compulsiveness says about me.

2. On that note, I'm an attorney...That's funny.

3. I have absolutely, positively, NO sense of direction...none WHATSOEVER. This is, unfortunately, not at all limited to trouble finding my way from point A to point B. I get turned around coming out of a bathroom at a movie theater or mall. I get totally confused coming out of a carwash. AND, I have absolutely no sense of where north is...ever. Those who do amaze me, and frankly, I sometimes think that they're making it up because they know I wouldn't know the difference.

4. Oddly, pregnancy has caused my hair to go straight. I think that the 4 people who read this blog all knew me when I used to wear my hair curly all the time. Even though I don't do that anymore, it wouldn't even be an option if I wanted it to. Now I have a wavy, partially curly, funky, stringy, natural mess. (And we wonder where Collin gets it?)

5. I am addicted to editing. Another habit from law school. This is not to say that my posts will ever be error free, but I enjoy proofing anything published including Christmas cards, church bulletins, and yes, blogs. Here are a few of the titles to articles that I will never write because I don't have the time...

- "Quotation Marks: How Ross and Chandler Have Distorted Our Understanding"

- "A Whole Nuther Problem Altogether"

- "The Difference Between PLURAL and POSSESSIVE...Again: What to do with those darn apostrophes"

6. I can't stand repetitive noises...just ask David. This is also ironic because my ears have been ringing since December of 2004.

7. My ears have been ringing since December of 2004...that one is too good to waste on a sidenote.

8. I was nominated for Miss Personality in high school. I didn't get it. So I burned the place down. That'll show 'em. (I was obviously struggling for #8)

Okay, here are the people that I am tagging: Shanta, Sarah, Alyssa, Sam, and Sherry (Email yours to me Sherry, so that I can share YOU with the blogging world!)

Family Update: Everyone is doing great! Collin is a great big brother, and SK is finally settling down after getting her on some reflux medication. All is well!

Monday, August 20, 2007

"I No Say Cheese"

It's a fun experience to take a two-year-old and a three-week-old for a photo session. At least our friend Stacey is a good, patient, God-fearing woman who says that she doesn't mind difficult subjects. I, however, did mind. A lot of prep, and an hour and a half after our sitting started, Collin, who hadn't smiled the ENTIRE time we were there, looked at me as we were leaving with a sly grin and proudly announced, "I no say cheese." We "no go to McDonald's" either. The pictures are hysterical, and much cuter than I thought they would be. Perfectly capturing what it means to be TWO!

Here's proof...

Yet the infant...

This is as close as Collin got to a smile-

Friday, August 10, 2007

Things You Don't Keep for Baby #2

So, I'm compiling a list of things that even the most frugal of parents shouldn't try to reuse for their second baby. I've learned some of these the hard way.

1. Bathtub- as you can see from the pictures below, we've done this one. Yes, the bathtub is from Collin, and no, I probably wouldn't do it again. It had been in the attic (wrapped, but still) and when we took it down we gave it a good anti-bacterial cleansing. Yet I couldn't get the thought that Collin had, in fact, left an offering in that very bathtub out of my mind. All the wrapping, retreiving, scrubbing, and sanitizing probably wasn't worth the $20 to get a new one.

2. Nicknames- I really don't think this is just because my kids are different genders. Even the unisex endearments that I had for Collin just don't seem to work with her. She's definitely her own little person (or princess, sweetie, SK, skittle, etc.).

3. Diaper Genie- for all of the reasons that you don't keep a bathtub...and then some.

4. Bottles/Pacifiers- chances are, your second one isn't going to like the same kind just because you went to the trouble of saving them, santizing them yaddah, yaddah.

Onto the pictures. As you can see from all of her pics below, SK is very mellow! She doesn't really ever cry unless she's hungry, or her tummy hurts, which is unfortunatley more than I would like. But even at those times, she is so even-tempered (totally gets that from me...haha) and generally easy going. What a relief!
The picture of Collin is from his first sno-cone! We got him a grape one- questionable decision- but he loved it!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Our Family of Four

She's here! Sorry for the obvious delay in posting, I't seems like I don't want to do, hear, watch, or eat anything that I did in the hospital- which includes blogging. Anyway, here's our precious little girl! Thanks for all of the prayers- they were answered. We had a great delivery and everyone is happy, healthy, and at home!

Sarah Kate
8 lb. 2 oz.
19 1/2 inches long

Collin decided to finally wake up from his nap and meet his baby sister. He loves to hold and kiss her!

She loves her blankie- like mother, like daughter!

Finally going HOME!
Some pictures from Collin's birthday party the day after we got home from the hospital...probably wouldn't do that again, but it was fun!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Today, my sweet baby boy turns two! I CANNOT believe that two years have gone by already. It's one of those things that everyone talks about, but that you can't get a grasp on until you become a parent. Unfortunately/fortunately for Collin, he has no idea that today is his birthday. I'm being selfish. Since David and I can't spend the day with him like we want to, we're going to ignore it, and celebrate when I come home from the hospital. My doctor has said that he can't even come up here today anyway, and he and David are at the doctor's office right now because he has an ear infection. All that to say, it wouldn't be a really fun day for him anyway.

Tomorrow, my sweet baby girl will make her debut! We are so thrilled, but continue to ask for prayers since she will be a little bit early. Every sonogram and test that we've had done indicate that she is happy, healthy, and somewhat of a spaz (I thought I was due for a calm one!). I started "getting sicker" yesterday and the doctor made the call to go ahead an induce me ASAP. There were no slots for an induction today, so we're going to have her tomorrow. We're actually really thankful that today was booked since it is Collin's birthday and since he's feeling so bad. God takes such good care of us!

To my kids (how weird to say that)! Your mom and dad have thought about and prayed for you both so much over the past nine weeks. Collin, you are such an amazing little boy for being able to give up your mommy so that I can take care of your sister. You will sleep anywhere, play with anyone, and you have never refused to hug and kiss me, or talk to me on the phone. You are such a good boy! And Sarah Kate, I can't wait to see you! Although, just like with Collin, I feel like I already know you. I've gotten to see your chubby little face so many times on sonograms, and I get to feel you squirm and kick your brother off of my tummy! What you don't know is how many people love you and have been praying for you. You are being born into a family that will always love you and Collin, no matter what! You are already a precious gift to our entire family, and we are anxious to hold you and introduce you to the world.

It also occurred to me this past Sunday that your dad and I have thought so much about your physical birthdays (when SK would finally come, what kind of cake Collin would want, etc.) but that we long even more for the day your are born into Christ. More than anything, Daddy and I want you to know Him as your savior and to live fully in His grace and promises. We pray that you will always seek Him, and that He will reveal the call that He has put on your lives. We love you both, and Happy Birthday!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Update...Kind of

Not really an update- not much to update. I'm still in the hospital, doing well, which is great. The doctor says we'll probably have a baby this week! Hopefully more to come soon...

Funny Collin statement: When he got to the hospital today he said, "I come to Mommy's house." That's pretty sad. I'm so ready to be home!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's Getting Hot In Here!

Sarah Kate is doing awesome! And I guess I'm hanging in there...just a little tired of being a patient, and anxious to get back to being a mom! My doctor says we'll have a baby next week, but the perinatologist isn't wanting to rush things so we'll see. For now, we're just hanging in there and waiting! I was reminded today after the neonatologist visited me that I need to refocus and commit myself to staying pregnant just a little while longer. As uncomfortable as I might be (we added inflatable boots on my legs last night...NICE) she would be much more uncomfortable sitting in the NICU. I look and Collin and am reminded of how wonderful how it is to be a parent, and how much this little girl needs me. So, I'm trying to enjoy my last few days of pregnancy and prepare myself for what is to come. I'm encouraged to know how much our God has prepared and planned for her too, that every day of her life was written in His book and that she is precious and purposed!

Unfortunately, today my doctor put a huge "No Visitors" sign on my door. No parties for me until we get home! Thank you all for your prayers! Enjoy the pictures of our time in the hospital...

One of my few moments with my baby boy. He's turning two next week- and we're wondering if he won't be sharing a birthday with his little sister!

Apparently I'm keeping the room a little cold- at least that's what I hear. As far as I'm concerned, it can't get cool enough. In fact, I spent part of the day today under ice packs. I am SO pregnant!Precious Henry and Angie! (I'm sure it's hard to tell in this picture, but SK is there too... :) )

And this isn't near as funny as the fact that Collin now knows what a blood pressure cuff and a fetal heart monitor are...they are sponges, huh?

Friday, July 6, 2007

Home Sweet Hospital

Yesterday I took up residence in the hospital for the remainder of the pregnancy. It's hard for several reasons (not yet ready to have this baby, I have to be away from Collin, the remote to my TV doesn't let me change the volume and makes me change channels one direction, etc.) but at least they have chocolate milk in little cartons. A special treat!

So here are the stats...
According to my official (and more accurate) calendar, I am 35 weeks, 1 day...YIPEEE!
According to my doctor, I am 34 weeks, 5 days...still a great accomplishment! The baby (brace yourselves) is measuring a whopping 5 lb. 15 oz. as of yesterday, and has already had the steroids for her lungs. She should do great if we had to have her soon. Also, I am already progressing towards labor, which is good news for me!

The doctor said that this could happen in the next couple of days, or if we're lucky, we could buy another week or so. It's just kind of a wait-and-see game right now. I'm being seen by a cardiologist today because my heart is doing some funky things, but I don't really expect to hear that there is anything abnormal...I'm just abnormal, normally.

Thanks to everyone for your continued prayers for our little family....and a HUGE thanks to everyone who has picked up the slack and made this a manageable situation. David and I are so incredibly blessed, and Sarah Kate has no idea how many people love her already. Praise God for our friends and family!!!

Stay tuned...

Friday, June 29, 2007

A Day in the Life and SK Update

The good news: I have time to blog. The bad news: I really don't have much to blog about. So, I thought I'd write about the world as I see it from my couch, or to be more accurate, what exactly I've been doing (or watching) to pass the time.

7:00 am-
Although I'm already technically awake from having to go to the bathroom about an hour ago, this is what I consider my official wake-up time. This is when David brings Collin in our room to see us, we get our morning kisses from him, and he generally entertains mefor about 20 minutes or so. We'll tune in to GMA and have the TV on for the next two hours. Although I miss Charlie a whole lot, I definitely prefer GMA to other morning news shows. Diane is a little out there for me, but that's okay- the fact that Robin is ultra-cool makes up for it. And I'm still honestly a little bitter that Bill Wier didn't get the morning gig and that it went to Chris Cuomo instead, but I have never been a Today Show fan, so I can't make the switch. As my brother-in-law, Chris pointed out years ago, Katie Couric just looks like a person that smells bad...I agree. I know she's gone now, but I still don't watch it.

9:00 am-
Unfortunately, GMA is now over and there is a huge lull in programming. The 9 o'clock hour just plain struggles. On bad days, when for some reason I forget to change the channel, Good Morning Texas will come on...agghhhhh! One perky girl, one girl who looks like she hates her job, and Gary Cogil who I thought was a movie critic...sprinkle in some Rodney Anderson appearances (what's with THAT?) and that girl from IBB Design that's always on there, and you feel like you're watching a really bad infomercial. Someone recommended Rachael Ray, but she seems like she's screaming at the camera- my BP can't take it. I might as well watch Regis and Kelly- or just gargle with acid, whichever seems to be more fun. My usual stations (TLC and Discovery Health) are picking up their good shows now (no more Chicago Hope and weird cartoons) but the chances that I've already seen the one that's playing at this time slot is pretty high. So, for the aforementioned reasons, I usually take my once-a-day shower now.

10 am-
So now we're settling in for the day. I'll usually grab my computer and sit down and check email and blogs...whilst watching Little People Big World. Now it is almost guaranteed that I have seen this episode, but I'll probably still watch/listen while I'm on the computer. The people in that family are hilarious! David and I crack up at how NNNNASTY their house always looks, and how irritated Amy always is with Matt. But Matt definitely redeems himself with the way he treats his kids. They seem like a cool family.

11 am-
Time for a BP check, and we're going to stay tuned in to TLC for What Not to Wear. I will make a quick disclaimer here. When this show started, I actually wrote into TLC, explaining that I thought it was way too mean-spirited for their network. I didn't like it at all. Now, as the show grows in popularity, their "contributors" as Stacey calls them are usually familiar with the show, and seem more excited than embarrassed. Not like the first few shows where the person was absolutely humiliated. All in all, good show! And I would LOVE to know where Carmindy gets that aerosol foundation. If anyone knows, do tell. Now I can also start thinking about lunch. Meal decisions, as well as which scent of shower gel I am going to indulge with, are some of my few highlights. Could also explain why I am just one good smellin' biggo' girl right now!

12 pm-
Lunch and possible TV break, depending on whether I can sit at the table. I usually do. Collin and I talk a little bit about the day, and we get a chance to hang out a little bit. This is a good time to take a hiatus from TV anyway...10 Years Younger is on- blah.

1 pm-
Collin is in bed, the baby shows are all on, and there's only one more hour until Divine Design. I love watching all of the shows about moms and babies. My mom, much to her dismay, usually watches along, not understanding why anyone would want to be filmed at that moment. Me, I think it's great (not the idea of being filmed personally, but the fact that someone is willing to do it!) I've kind of taken a break from Babies: Special Delivery because it freaks me out a little bit right now, but for the most part, I'll watch anything with the word "baby" or some form thereof in the title. Maybe I should have been a nurse or something...maybe not.

2 pm-
I take a break from birthin' and flip over to Divine FAV design show. I love it because, from what I understand, there is no limit on how much Candace Olson spends on these rooms, which is always fun. AND- I have never seen her do something that wasn't really cool. It's not always my personal flavor, but it is always so well done. I will admit that the intro song will wear someone out, but she can dee-dah, dee-dah dee dah-day all she wants to as far as I'm concerned. Kudos Candace, kudos!

3 pm-
Good shows are STILL on, so I've got my pick. I can either flip over to House of Babies if I have a hankerin' to see yet another water birth and watch Shari totally freak some mothers (including me) out, OR, I can watch Runway Moms. Now, RM is a little depressing to those of us who don't feel all that attractive as a pregnant woman, and a little annoying if you have to watch too much of Liza's theatrics, but it is still informational. The funny thing about this show is that you can watch it, and then notice these women in advertisements and things. Like the really cute short-haired lady with the perfect skin (who by the way makes a visit to the dermatologist because of some minuscule red bumps) - the one who has a little girl named Olive- she is on a huge advertisement at Babies R Us! I feel so "in the know." Oh- Collin is usually awake now, so we might be flipping over to watch Dora or Wonder Pets or something. Which brings me to an important question for my Noggin-watching Lenny a GIRL? Someone said that s/he is, but I'm not seeing it.

And while I'm on the subject of Noggin...a message for Moose. Listen, she's not that into you. I mean, you say that Zee is your bestest friend, and that she has a beeeeautiful name, etc. but have you noticed that she NEVER responds. She just beats the drum, and looks like she'd rather be beating her brains in. I totally believe that she can talk, but that you just freak her the heck out! I got online to play some Noggin games with Collin the other day, and there you were, talking about Zee again. I mean, seriously, what's a Moose going to do with a little blue bird anyway? It's totally obvious that you're into her, Moose. And if I can read you like a book, I'm guessing that she can too. Your little "I didn't know that Zee is azul" trick didn't fool any of us. Seriously, I've been in your shoes probably more times than I'd care to admit, so trust me when I say that it will all eventually work out. You'll find a really nice Moose-friend at some point. Until then, just work on loving YOU! Get a new hobby, start revising that ONE AND ONLY song that you sing, join a spin or improv class or something. Trust me, she's not the one for both will be better off if you just go your separate ways!

4 pm-
Big decision. Oprah or Babies: Special Delivery. Depends. I'll have to make this call at the last minute.

5 pm-
Property Ladder. No question. It's like watching a train wreck! The only other thing on TV is the news...there's not even anymore Noggin now.

6 pm-
Our FAVORITE time of day- Daddy comes home!!!! (and Scrubs is on, too!) We'll usually have dinner courtesy of one of our amazingly generous friends, and then we'll settle into our nightly routine of bathing, books, and prayers with Collin.

Collin's bedtime- our bedtime
Here's a serious misfortune of bedrest in May/June/July... all of the good TV is over!!!! How sad is that? But, as far as David is concerned, it couldn't get any's baseball season! I will admit that I am a much bigger baseball fan than I used to be, but watching a 3-hour game almost every night can wear a sister out! We'll compromise and sometimes watch a little Dirty Jobs or Man vs. Wild (two shows that he loves too) and sometimes he might even let me catch a little Jon & Kate plus 8 or Quintessential. But, I will also add, sometimes my usual channels struggle in the prime time hours. Jackie: 600 lb. Woman? What's with that? And Diagnosis: Unknown should be called Let Me Guess: Poison. Then all of the shows like Dr G. Medical Examiner and Skeleton Stories just freak me right on out, so I don't watch them.

11 pm- 3 am
SK and I like to argue over whether I'm actually going to get to sleep. She usually wins, and we stay up and try to find something other than TV watching to do. Which brings me to a point that I should have previously made...If you're wondering why I don't READ, it's because I've been getting bad headaches. The computer actually does the same thing (it's taken me several different computer sessions to finish this blog). Not that anyone really cares, but I don't want to seems like I'm a total loser.

So, that's it in a nutshell! Take my opinions and reviews for what they're worth- and hopefully none of you will have this much time on your hands anytime soon.

For those of you who have actually endured this pitifully long and boring post, an update on the baby...we went to the doctor on Thursday and she looks great! She actually has dropped so much that they had a hard time getting a measurement on her head- who knows, I might not have carried her full-term anyway! We'll see. She hadn't grown all that much, and I was actually measuring smaller, so I guess the enormous growth-spurt is over. She is right on track for a 34-weeker weighing in at an estimated 4 lb. 11 oz. My doctor hopes to get me to 36 weeks, but I'm aiming for 37 or 38. So, it's back to business as usual.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Here Goes Nothin'!

My sweet friend Sarah reminded me that I really have NO excuse to not be blogging...especially now. Since I am now starting my 6th straight week of bedrest, I thought that this would be a great distraction! That's exactly how we're going to look at this blog... a distraction for me. I was telling Sarah that I feel this enormous pressure to be clever, entertaining, or at least worth a read. For the record, I'm not promising anything! Here are just a few things that are going on with the Blackstocks:

1) Collin is going to be two years old in a couple of weeks which absolutely blows my mind. He moved to a big boy bed last month so that we could make room for his "Sarah Kate baby sister" as he likes to call her. He is doing really well. In fact, he would love to show any of you his new room and tell you how big and strong he is!!

As has been the case his whole life, the child is quite a talker. Just the other day he got his toy taken away because he chunked it at the table (probably an innocent consequence of his daddy doing batting practice with him in the living room on a regular basis). After his crying fit subsided, he looked at me and said, "I not do it again." I said, "Collin that's very sweet. I'm glad you are not going to throw your ball at the furniture anymore. Good boy." He follows, "Can I have my ball back now?"...good negotiator.

He has been such a trooper, also. Granted, he is constantly being entertained by friends and family, but he has also been infinitely patient with the fact that I'm confined to the bed/couch. He cries every once in a while about me not being able to do something for him, but all in all, he has been great. I am so proud of my precious boy!

2) David is wrapping up (yes, still wrapping up) our little remodeling project. He is so talented! We just have a few little details to finish before we can officially put this one in the books, and then get to the business of raising two kiddos...yikes! I'll post some pictures of our finished rooms once they're photo-ready!

Other than that, David is playing the role of super-dad like a champ! Collin has always loved his daddy, but one wonderful thing about our situation right now is watching the two of them become even closer. David and I were saying the other night that it is a true blessing to come to realize that your kids are also your favorite people. Collin and David are so much alike, and truly enjoy so many of the same things- ice cream, sports, being outside, and Dora- David LOVES Dora. I love you, sweetheart! I truly don't know how we would be doing this without you! (Does that make up for the fact that you didn't get a Father's Day card?)

3) Me, I'm up to a whole bunch of nothin'! My blood pressure is, in general, staying down- with random spikes every now and then. I have figured out what I can and cannot handle (for the most part) so hopefully Sarah Kate and I will stay healthy until her due date. She has already had steroids for her lungs, and she always looks great on the monitors and on her sonograms so we're just waiting anxiously to meet her! I'll be 34 weeks tomorrow, so please continue to pray for all of us!

Other than the medical side of things, I will give my family and friends complete credit for my being able to stay sane! On an average day, I would say that my mom is a gift. Lately, she is an absolute angel! David and I both depend on her so much, and she has truly delivered! I have never met anyone with such a servant heart, and I only wish I could be like her. The only criticism I ever have heard of my mother is that she's too nice...I sure wish that was my biggest problem! Angie and Karen (my sisters) have also been amazing. They call, bring me groceries, love on my son, and come for visits often. What a blessing to have family close by. David's family has been a great help, too! And my friends are amazing! I love you all and thank you for all of the food, company, and fun distractions... Specifically, thanks to Alyssa for introducing me to The Office- where have I been...seriously? I've never found so much joy in falling off the couch. And Sam, you're amazing for keeping up with me when you have SO much going on in your world. I love you and you are really on my mind today. I'm sending up prayers for you and your sweet family today, and thankful that you remind me that we cannot limit God! You're awesome!

Below are some pictures of our trip to San Diego that we took before the bedrest sentencing. I am so glad that we got to take this trip!! Collin was hysterical!

Collin's first trip to the beach! He didn't care at all that the water was freezing!

Collin and Daddy on a hike! (He always has the hat on, by the way. And he turns it "bakards" all by himself!)

He has no fear...none!

Does the petting zoo make everyone this happy?

Laughing at the seagulls...

They aren't quite as funny as they were five minutes ago!
Helping Daddy with the luggage!