Thursday, April 17, 2008

catching up with pictures

So I'm going to attempt to make up for my bad blogging with some pictures of our March. Nothing all that exciting going on. As you can see, some snow, some fun, a little Easter with the family, etc. I had a few really funny things happen to me that I thought would make great posts, but the moment passed before I ever got around to doing it. Aren't you all bummed?

This is the first snowman from our week of snow. It's totally lame compared to the one that David made when it really snowed, but he doesn't manage this blog, so his cooler snowman doesn't get any print attention.

Unbeliveable snow! We've never seen anything like this in Dallas, and probably won't again for a long time.Which is why we forced Collin to play in the snow, even though we knew that he didn't feel well. He looks happy, doesn't he? When we got inside, his temperature was over 103...oops!Fast forward to Easter... and the one decent picture we got this year. They're getting so big!Kay Kay and Papa with the grandkids!The three littlest cousins (at least for the next few days)! Henry welcomes his baby sister soon! We can't wait to meet you, Edie!!