Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cowboy Fever

Last night we went to Parker's party at Texas Stadium and had a blast! Collin loved being able to wear his uniform out of the house, and all the kids (and dads)enjoyed playing on the field. They even got to try on Romo's jersey and was precious! Thanks to Brittany for thinking of such a cool birthday idea, and to Parker for making it so fun for all of us. We love you Parker, and happy birthday!!!

The sweet birthday boy!

The family pic (my kids getting double use out of their Halloween costumes!)

Playing hard!

Dad hosting tryouts for the "favorite grandson award"...kidding.

And presenting...our little Romos. From youngest to oldest, Collin, Colton, and Patton (who actually looks a lot like Tony- beautiful boy!)Well, we tried on this one. Definitely not Christmas card material.