Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Birthday and Happy Birthday!

Two years ago on Collin's birthday I was in the antepartum unit of Medical City- lights off; no TV; no visitors; David and I sitting there staring at each other waiting patiently for the following day when we'd finally meet our little girl. I was sad to miss Collin's birthday that year, but more than anything, I was ready to finally deliver Sarah Kate. At the time I didn't care that their birthdays would be on consecutive days. In fact, I thought it'd be kind of cool.

I wasn't thinking about trying to have two birthday parties in one weekend. It's a little chaotic.

All kidding aside, it was a wonderful weekend full of fun and family! We are so thrilled to celebrate the gift of our two children and to be able to do it all together really is kind of fun.

Here's what we were up to on this weekend of celebrations for the Blackstock kiddos....

The fun started with a Batman party for Collin! We had David's family, my parents, and Henry and Jackson and their families there with us. How these kids get into superheros is kind a mystery to all of us, but Henry is Spiderman, Collin is Batman, and Jackson (probably upon strong suggestion) has assumed the role of Superman. Angie found some precious underoos for all of them in their assigned characters, which they wore proudly to their FIRST slumber party!!Having extra cousins spend the night has become a standard event since moving in with my parents this summer. Collin loves it, and just thought that it would be a great idea to have Henry and Jackson stay over for his birthday....why not, you're four and all. Definitely old enough for that! :)

Amazingly, there were no tears, no wet beds, and no arguing! The boys had so much fun! Here are some of the highlights.
Batman, Spiderman, and Superman (in their street clothes)

In uniform Underoos. A classic. The last homemade ice cream cake he'll ever get...
After church on Sunday, and a brief time of re-grouping, we celebrated SK's birthday with an alphabet party! She was really slow to start talking, but for some reason, she LOVES letters. We thought this would be a fun way to combine some of her favorite things and make it a special day for her. Every letter was represented by an activity or party item. Here are a few of my favorites..

A is for alphabet

(For those of you ACU Education grads, dont' tell Lucy Hatch about this banner. I did not trace before I cut, and I left the middles in my letters. I'm not a teacher anymore...I'm a busy mom. Don't judge me.)

M is for make-upB is for bubblesW is for watergun E is for eat H is for hula hoop...and hilariousC is for cakeI is for ice cream

P is for pool

K is for kickball S is for splashX is for xylophone (what else would you do for this one?) F is for fishingAnd my personal favorite...T is for TWO!

Thanks Mom and Dad, for letting us bring this craziness to your house! We had a blast!