Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So it's June. I've completely missed all of my intended posts about Spring happenings around our house. Easter, beautiful weather, family, t-ball, new words, first haircuts, etc. No real good reasons, just distracted lately! It's been an eventful few months around our house! Collin played his first season of t-ball and LOVED it! David and our friend Andy coached the team. And for those of you who know David it will not come as a surprise that we were the Astros. Even though Andy is a Cubs fan. Apparently, team loyalty runs much, much deeper than friendship or even common courtesy! :) Collin had the chance to play on his first team with Henry and his friend Jackson, which made the season even more special. These three love being together doing anything- especially playing ball!We've loved watching all of them get their first hit-

This is one of my favorite pictures from the season. This is right after Henry's first hit- running to his Daddy who's coaching first base.

This Saturday is our last game and I know the boys are already anxious for next season. I must admit, it's pretty fun being a cheering mom in the stands, too! Here's to grass stains, torn cleats, team sports and busy weekends!

Sarah Kate is changing so quickly. She'll be two in just a few weeks and to be honest, I've always thought that she seemed so young for her age. She's done a lot of catching up over the last few months though. My shy, quiet little girl has turned into quite a talker! I'm finally able to understand most of her jabber (making life a little easier around here) and she's really enjoying being able to tell us what's on her mind.

She's the best "greeter" I've ever seen. We're forcasting a career in PR for her for sure! She loves her family and friends, and loves to tell everyone when someone new enters a room. She also loves to play with her babies, talk about letters, and do anything with her brother. SK whispers when she's excited, which is one of the funniest most endearing things that she does.
In the midst of our Spring activities, we put our house on the market, sold it, and are now bumming at my parents' house trying to figure out our next move. We'll probably build, but we're just not sure where yet. Pray for some clarity for us- we're having a hard time making a decision! While we're deciding though, I guess we'll hang out by the pool and let Mom spoil us! :)
Happy Summer!!